Daegu Diary: My fellow Jamaican media 800m contender

Andre Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter

DAEGU, South Korea:

I understand that a certain local media representative, Mr Anthony Foster, has also been entered in the media 800m in a bid to claim for his own the national 800m media record.

Mr Foster, like Yannis before him, has been sending his threats and has been making all kinds of promises, and I am left puzzled as to the reasons behind this tremendous confidence of a man who can barely walk, much less run.

However, I believe my questions have since been answered.

People, I didn’t want to say anything, but I have noticed that the goodly Mr Foster has been consuming all manner of strange concoctions, the contents of which, I admit, are not known by me.

I mean, who am I to say that Mr Foster is doing anything to gain an unfair advantage, and in the same breath, who am I to say that he won’t do just that?

To put everything to rest and to ensure that there is no unfair bragging at the end of this all, I am seriously considering submitting a request to the IAAF for there to be mandatory blood testing of all participants in this media 800m race. I have to ensure that the integrity of my likely victory is protected.

Great prospects

I was actually talking to Yohan Blake’s manager, Cubie Seegobin, and coach Glen Mills yesterday, pointing out to them that the Jamaican media 100m champion is in the market for a coach and an agent, and that they should speak to me early before other interest is registered after Saturday’s run.

Now, if you think I speak too much about that 100m win, well, you better pray to God that I don’t win this 800m race (laughs).

I’ve been getting a real taste of what it must be like for our top athletes when, of course, with Jamaica being Jamaica; the number one country at these championships and everyone’s adopted country.

So, wherever I walk as a Jamaican media representative, I am met with flashing cameras, curious locals, television interviews … the likes. It happens everywhere we go at every major meet, I’m not sure I can manage that constant attention.

I will have to employ some serious crowd-control measures upon winning this media 800m race because we can’t ‘badda wid no run in ting’ on the media world champion.

Before I go, I must make mention of a taxi man that Mr Ricardo Makyn and myself met yesterday. After having so many bad experiences with taxi men here, it was nice to finally meet a good one who, if it wasn’t for him going beyond the call of duty, I’d probably be in North Korea by now.

We wanted to get to a particular location and the volunteer wrote something completely different in Korean for us to give to the driver, who thought it odd that we would be going wherever it is that she wrote on the paper, and did everything to figure out where it was that we actually wanted to go, and took us there in one piece.

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