Injury Puts End To Phillips' Dream »

Istanbul, Turkey:

Phillips suffered a groin injury during his warm-up and decided to withdraw as a precautionary measure, fearing further damage with the upcoming outdoor season and Olympics in mind.

"During my warm-up, I tweaked my groin, so I made an analysis and decide that it's not worth the risk," Phillips told The Gleaner.

"Driving out (of the starting blocks), I usually do some 10m sprints during my warm-up and I planted some force and I just felt a niggling pain, so we decided that I will sit it out," Phillips explained.

Eyes on olympics

Having qualified to the semi-final with the sixth fastest time, 7.71, which gave him second place in his heat, Phillips was expected to advance from his semi-final.

"I could go out there and compete. I wouldn't be at 100 per cent. I would risk not going to the final at 100 per cent and you are not going to get a medal in this condition. But I would also risk injuring my groin more and the Olympics is the bigger picture," said Phillips.

"It wasn't a difficult decision really - just breaking it down and weighing the pros and the cons. The outdoor season is the bigger picture. But I am definitely disappointed because I wanted to be in the final and be able to compete in good condition," Phillips reflected.

He is, however, looking forward to a successful recovery and added that he will be approaching the outdoor season with greater confidence following his experience here.

"Just running the preliminary round has given me a lot of confidence, so, hopefully, I can carry that into the outdoor season and qualify for the Olympics," said Phillips. "I am just going to focus on some therapy on my groin and then, once healthy, we'll decide what happens from there in terms of where I run."

- A.L.

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