Holmwood not dead yet - Wilson spurred on by improving Holmwood as champs look to stand firm »

But Holmwood will once again get an acid test from the Michael Dyke-coached Edwin Allen team who are big favourites to dethrone the champions. Following an impressive season so far, most of the pundits are giving the team from Frankfield, Clarendon, their best ever chance to win the Championships but Holmwood's coach Maurice Wilson remains unfazed.

"I am getting a similar feeling to last year when at this point we were not looking good in the build-up, but all of a sudden the team has started to look dangerous," Wilson said.

Wilson, though not dismissing the opinions of the pundits, does not believe his team is ready to surrender the title just yet.

"Edwin Allen have always been a strong team but I think they were much stronger last year. What has happened though is that Holmwood is not as strong as former years, but I am very positive and excited about what I have seen from the girls in the past two weeks as there are positive indicators," he continued.

While Holmwood have not looked themselves all season, the team seems to have stepped up since the Gibson Relays. Despite having done it in the past, the coach admits that in order to win this time around the team will need a better performance from their Class IV team, which has been average all season.

"Unlike previous years it is not possible to win Champs with a weak Class IV and we have to get valuable points there. Compared to last year we looked weak earlier and then at the latter stage they improved big time, but there are some concerns here and we must gather points if we are to win our tenth title," said Wilson.

Wilson was also asked which class he expects to get most of his points from and who were the athletes he is banking on.

"We are going to score heavily in Classes II and III but I do not want to single out any individual athletes and I think we are going to get a big surprise at the Championships this year from a particular athlete from our team."  

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